OM Training

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is one of the foundation practices that we use to cultivate a deeper connection with our Third. We are both certified Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Trainers and have been practicing OM for a number of years. Our practice has helped make our connection with our Third visceral.

Meenal: We were married at a young age. At the time, we didn’t know much about sex, probably even less about intimacy. For over 10 years of our over 30 year relationship, I have been seeking out courses and workshops aligned with what I had been learning through yoga, in search for the “more”. Who knew there was such a thing as “conscious relationship”? While these courses radically improved our communication, our intimacy, our trust in each other, the sex part still hadn’t ironed itself out, in part due to sexual assaults that occurred over 35 years ago.

Kris: I used to think that harmony was connection and I unconsciously avoided my anger and hers. This had resulted in sapping the heat and passion from our sex. A few months after we started OMing, I noticed that I was more willing to stand my ground when we disagreed, allowing her to feel me more fully. Our continuing OM practice has increased my attention to allow me to see when I withhold myself and helped me consciously choose to show up by expressing the full range of my emotions, even my anger – and inviting hers when it arises…in effect holding and embracing all of her. As a result, more heat and electricity is showing up in our relationship and sex and our intimacy continues to grow deeper.

Meenal: Via OM, we have learned how to feel the electricity between us in all of its forms, rather than demanding that it show up in a nice neat package called Climax. We can feel it as a hum when we sit next to each other. We can feel it as the heart racing anticipation of saying the really hard thing that needs to be said, followed by the resonant peal of truth as the space between us clears. And yes, the steamy, heat-generating, breath-hitching burst of sexual desire Over thirty yars …and it is only getting better!

OM is a 15 minute partnered practice that cultivates connection, attention, and intuition. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us.