Our Coaching

Do you have the kind of relationships you want? Would you like to learn tools to be more intimate with your partner? Would you like to re-ignite the spark in your relationship to bring more vibrancy?

We coach individuals and couples to create vibrant, alive, electric relationships. Each coaching package is personalized. We offer coaching in series of 3, 6 or 12 sessions—all designed with your particular needs in mind.

Meenal’s greatest gifts as a coach were hard-won through her own awakening from re-opening her shut down libido and body years after sexual assault, and dismantling a heavy conditioning from tradition and culture. By seeking out and adopting a wide range of consciousness practices, Meenal discovered a fearless inner courage and vitality and converted the obstacles that could have torn apart their 30-year marriage, into opportunities to deepen, strengthen, and bring back sex into their partnership. Meenal intuitively helps steer clients towards an ever-increasing sense of aliveness, sensuality and zing in all aspects of their lives and relationships. In Meenal’s presence, clients discover the ability to voice things previously unsaid; to feel parts of themselves previously numbed out; and to listen and act upon the quiet true voice that is often drowned out.

Kris has deeply explored relationship as a spiritual practice. Using curiosity and attention, he specializes in supporting clients explore their relationship experiences to see the truth of what is going on, and help them recreate relationships that are alive, collaborative and generative. Kris believes that because relationships often reflect aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden, relationship is the perfect practice to wake up to creating the life we want.

Here is what some of our coaching clients had to say:

“We have been married over 20 years, and a few months ago we started getting coaching from Kris and Meenal regarding a sexual mindfulness meditation that we practice daily. They have consistently demonstrated deep presence and compassion in our coaching sessions, while guiding us to a fuller and clearer understanding of the issues that come up in our practice as they pertain to our relationship. Kris and Meenal never offer platitudes or easy solutions; rather they emphasize that the nature of the practice requires discipline and attentiveness in order to progress and learn.  They also offer novel suggestions and unexpected and very helpful “homework” ideas that have facilitated deep shifts in, and powerful insights about our relationship in a short period of time. Their balanced viewpoint, their understanding and their sense of humor have enhanced our practice and our relationship with one another. If you have the opportunity to work with Kris and Meenal, we strongly suggest you take it!” – JS and KS from Tucson, AZ

“We’ve been together 30+ years. The sessions ​with Meenal and Kris moved us forward, so that a pattern of disconnection in our sexual relationship was highlighted in a way ​we had not seen before. Meenal and Kris helped us ​consider it from a different angle​; a ​seasoned pair of eyes looking in and helping us be honest and transparent. ​They saw what we couldn’t because we were right in it. Since the sessions, our sexual relationship has moved to a deeper — and more fun — level of intimacy.  We continue to work with Kris and Meenal.” – RH and KH from Thousand Oaks, CA

“In 33 years of marriage and raising 8 children, our relational patterns had become stale, repetitive and just worn out, making it feel impossible to prevent the same old defensiveness, eruptions and misdirection. My patterns in particular were just not working, making my wife feel hopeless. We had lost sight of our foundation and the depth of love we share, bringing us to the point of needing a breakthrough. We tried a few programs but needed a personal conversation with someone who could get us back on track and lead us forward. We turned to Kris and Meenal and they led us to a breakthrough in just four sessions! They showed us how they have learned to relate, gave us real tools we could use everyday and guided us to discover the depth that we share. We are grateful! If we have anything come up again that our new patterns can’t handle, we will not hesitate to ask Kris and Meenal to guide us through.” – BM from North Carolina

If you are curious about what you might learn about yourself and what it takes to spark your relationships with electricity, honesty and intimacy, to become more connected with your Third, contact us for a free 1-hour exploratory session where we will help you get in touch with your desires, how you will know when they are met, and what holds you back. Together we will craft a package tailored specifically to your personal desires to help you get what you want.