Our Teaching

You, Me and the Third

Our salons, courses and workshops (which we like to call “playshops”) are curated experiences where participants empty blocks that get in their way of experiencing more honesty, joy, laughter, passion and play; explore their contribution to subtle energy dynamics in their relationships; cultivate practices and exercises and their felt sense of Third Consciousness; and feel the possibility of what vibrant, free, authentic relationship has to offer. Our teachings bring consciousness, play and vibrancy into the corners where many relationships become stuck, stagnant or stale. We believe that a big part of sustained learning is engaging the mind and body, so our teaching involves games and exercises that are experiential.

Unless otherwise specified, all our workshops are open to individuals and couples, because in the end, a major part of coherently relating to others is affected by the relationships within oneself. Our playshops and teachings have ranged in size from small and intimate (about 20 people) to over a hundred participants.

We have just taken our in-person 6-week workshop and moved it to an online format. Find out more HERE.

Here’s what some of our workshop participants had to say:

“I have always rolled my eyes at the idea of the Third, it was this elusive thing that didn’t actually exist, it was too abstract. Your transmission was so clear. It landed. You explained the Third while SHOWING us exactly what it is.  You have given me so much reverence for the Third.” – GY

“Meenal and Kris teach universal truths about relationships and bring deeply personal experience to their teachings. Their balance of exercises, demonstrations discussion and movement provides intellectual, emotional and physical learning. I learned a lot not only about relationship with an intimate partner, but as a parent with a child.” – EG

“Great way to get out of old analytical thinking and start connecting with other possibilities with my partner” – AP

“It was both an introduction into some tantra principles as well as a deep dive into specific non-sexual practices that support loving relationships. Kris and Meenal brought a yin-yang balance for energies that helped both men and women resonate with the material and each other in a safe environment.” – NM

“[The playshop was] very open and welcome – a very safe and loving environment for exploration and personal growth. Thank you for your wisdom and hard work in presenting this. You are both clearly dedicated to helping people grow.” – Anonymous

“An amazing exploration into tools to bring love, laughter, acceptance, connection and spirit into relationships.” – BM

“Meenal and Kris share their depth of knowledge about relationship from their own practice and long term love, which helped me to understand and embody the teachings.” – JM

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