Our Teaching

You, Me and the Third

We have taught groups ranging in size from small and intimate to  audiences of over a hundred participants. Our teachings bring consciousness, play and vibrancy into those corners where many relationships become stuck, stagnant or stale. We do this via the Third, a perspective that cultivates collaboration and creativity, bringing forth everything your relationships are meant to offer you. Unless otherwise specified, our courses are open to individuals and couples because in the end, a major part of relating to others is affected by your relationship with yourself.

Here’s what some of our course participants had to say:

“I have always rolled my eyes at the idea of the Third, it was this elusive thing that didn’t actually exist, it was too abstract. Your transmission was so clear. It landed. You explained the Third while SHOWING us exactly what it is.  You have given me so much reverence for the 3rd.” – GY from San Francisco, CA

“When Meenal and Kris stepped up on stage it was a big moment for all of us in the coaching program! The way that they played on stage and the transmission they gave was insightful, and impactful. I got goosebumps all over my body. They eloquently explained what it’s like to be in relationship and serve a bigger purpose, and are implementing the very thing they teach into their own lives. Nothing can replace the experience they have of being in conscious relationship, and it is the very thing they explain so well.” – SC from Austin, TX

“It was hard for me to imagine how this would be and you guys blew me away. I am feeling so much sensation right now about who you are in the world. It was so beautiful, thank you.” – JH from Los Angeles, CA

These are courses and opportunities to learn from us:

July 11, 2017 – Day of Intimacy: A Council Immersion

Aug 11-13, 2017 – Electric Relationship: The Art of Ecstatic Partnership

If you want a customized workshop created for your group or organization, please contact us.