Day of Intimacy: A Council Immersion

This workshop was on July 11, 2017 at The Ojai Foundation in Ojai, CA – Sorry you missed it.

This day was for couples, singles and workshop leaders who are involved with intimate relationship as a journey of awakening. Our intention was to check in with each other, share practices along the path and inspire one another. The focus was on sharing experiences of intimacy for individual relationships or people making transitions into or out of relationships or those offering a relationship vision and practices for others. 

It was a powerful event, where 10 teachers (including one of our teachers / mentors) created a day to take over 100 people deep into intimacy and experiences of The Third in all of their relationships. Meenal and Kris brought their flavor of body based experiential learning to support participants in feeling dimensions of The Third and what heavy relationships feel like and what ecstatic, vibrant, electric relationships feel like. Included were tools to empty out past resentments and withholds to make room for he the mystery and play in relationship. The result – awakening to what is possible in relationship!