DT Ventura QLB

This is the address for the condo complex clubhouse. The condo complex is on the northeast corner of Main St and Ventura Ave (just west of the Mission and on the same side of Main St). Although your GPS may tell you to enter the condo complex from Ventura Ave, that gate is always locked, so please enter from Main St. The clubhouse is straight ahead as you enter the complex (just past the small grassy area).

Parking in the complex is limited. If you find a valid parking spot in the complex (one that is NOT in front of a garage), then please feel free to use it. The signs say permit required, but no one checks. A safer bet is to park across Main St in the free-all-day lot next to the Museum of Ventura County, and walk across. I am happy to walk anyone back to their car parked in this lot after the meditation, if that supports you.

START TIME: 6:30pm
I will be there a few minutes early. I will post signs that there is a meditation in progress and my hope is that I can lock the door shortly after 6:30pm, as I don’t want other residents coming in. Please give yourselves a couple of extra minutes to park and walk across. If you let me know you are coming and think you are going to be late or decide that you can’t make it, please text me.

– This as a community meditation (i.e. I will be meditating with you, as opposed to holding space). I may lead a circle to encourage coherence in our group energy or to share what is coming up for each of us through this practice. I am also happy to share what I have learned in having done this meditation countless times, but my intention is that this to be a leader-full group.
– Please wear loose fitting clothes that allow you to breathe and move (should you want to).
– Please bring a water bottle, as your mouth may get dry.
– There is a bathroom in the clubhouse.

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