Making the Mundane Sacred

Meenal and I asked Lynne Forrest, our teacher, a mentor, and a friend, to come work with members of our couples’ group, to help each of us see the stories and core beliefs we held and how that affected our relationships with our intimate partners. I was privileged to bear witness to how much healing took place as individuals and couples worked with Lynne to uncover what holds them back from being who they want to be and creating the relationships they want.

I discovered an old – ancient, actually – belief that I was punished by Source for being unworthy and that coming back to this plane and taking this form was my punishment. Years ago in my tantra work, I had uncovered my challenge with worthiness and felt I had healed that, and this was the core belief that led to that lack of self-worth. I had come to love this life through my initiation of two major life-threatening health crises, and I saw how this was a core belief that contributed to those health challenges.

A new piece for me was my relationship to the mundane. For much of my life, I have sought out the sacred (e.g. deep conversations with close friends, meditation, practices) and learned proficiency with, but only tolerated the mundane (e.g. balancing my checkbook, negotiating contracts). This morning, I experienced hours of extended bliss – not because I was in meditation or in deep conversation with friends, but while dealing with utility payments and printing errors and customer service operators. I saw God in things I would have formerly called mundane – every bit as much as in things I have previously labeled sacred.

Today I ponder the question, is my seeing things as mundane actually a way in which I create separation, and with that question I experience another level of freedom. Source, thank you for this life! Lynne, thank you for your support!