Priceless Pricing

We offer many of our workshops on a “Priceless Pricing” basis (a term we borrowed from the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living). We believe that what we teach should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their finances, and that the benefits of this work are truly priceless. We have a desire that each participant creates positive ripples in the world as you come out of our workshops.

Near the end of a Priceless Pricing workshop, we invite you to connect with your heart as to what this work has contributed to your life and to think about whether the principles in the workshop are needed in the world. Then we ask you to decide how you want to create positive ripples in the world that are aligned with what we teach. This can be in the form of making a donation directly to a charitable cause that is aligned with our work or it can be to help spread the work. We send specific suggestions to help spark your inspiration. Through your inspired action, you will be spreading this work in the world and standing for its principles.