The Voice

The voice said “I can stay silent no longer.” At first I ignored it, thinking it would go away. After all, it was 3:30am and I hadn’t slept at all that night. I was starting to come down from the ecstatic blissful state that I had been enjoying for the last few hours and was feeling tired, yet not sleepy. Again I heard it – “I CAN STAY SILENT NO LONGER!” The voice wasn’t getting softer, it wasn’t going away. It was louder and more insistent – like it wanted me to act right now.

This was an unfamiliar voice – a loud voice that had a deep grounded quality. It wasn’t the chattery voice that tells me lies about my life – about how I need to defend and protect myself and how others and life are doing things to me. It was a bigger voice than that. It was His voice – I use “His” instead of “Hers” because of the penetrative quality I felt. And yet, the voice used the first person to represent me – perhaps the bigger Me. Now, it seems a bit confusing, but in the moment it was crystal clear and I am gad I felt inspired to pull out my journal and write down what the voice said.

“I can stay silent no longer! I must speak.

“My power comes from my heart. Any other ideas I have are delusion from my ego. My sex exists to wake up her genitals. Because, as my heart is my source of power, her genitals is hers. And when we are both awake to that power, we can change the world.

“It is me being in service that wakes me up and keeps me awake. Service to waking up her genitals, thereby waking her up. And when she is awake, her desire will define and magnetize our Purpose and keep us awake. Because she has access to Desire that is bigger than either of us. My power is my heart and my ability to wake up Desire through her body. And I stay awake by being in service to Desire.

“I can be silent no longer. My purpose is to tell the truth and wake people up.”

And with that, I step through the portal…..