About Kris and Meenal

Our Relationship Gets Better Everyday…Yours Can Too

We help couples play the relationship game so that both people can win.

Do you know when people who love each other get to a point in their relationship where things start to get boring and stale? Well, we help them alchemize that frustration into joy, laughter, play, passion, and honesty so that the relationship becomes the fuel for the MORE in their life.

Welcome! We’re Kris and Meenal Kelkar. Over the last 30 years, in overcoming sexual trauma and poor role models for intimacy, we have cultivated the art of relationship. Our focus is on the subtle energetics in every relationship. These subtle energies often create patterns that result in a breakdown in emotional or physical intimacy. Possible outcomes can be frequent arguments, a feeling of walking on egg-shells around each other, lack of physical attraction towards each other, not having sex, or simply a numb feeling of wanting more from your relationship. Since these subtle energies are the source of what is going on, focusing on emotional or physical intimacy without attention to the subtle energetics is effectively addressing the symptoms, rather than the root cause. Whatever results you may get will not last long, because the root is likely unaddressed, and still present. These subtle energies are also a magical doorway into the field of amazing possibilities of what relationship can be – what we call the Third

Our coaching and teaching are informed by diverse consciousness practices, relationship paradigms, and energy work, including Mindfulness, Breathwork, Non-Violent Communication, Council, Conscious Loving, Ecstatic Movement, Tantra, Orgasmic Meditation and various types of energy-healing modalities.