About Kris and Meenal

Our Relationships Get Better Everyday…Yours Can Too

Have you noticed how any relationship over time can become infected with criticism, complaints, anxiety or boredom? We help people alchemize this frustration into joy, play, honesty and passion, where the relationship actually becomes the fuel to experience the MORE in life.

Welcome! We’re Kris and Meenal Kelkar. Over the last 30 years we have cultivated the art of relationship. Our focus is on teaching people about what we call Third Consciousness and the subtle energetics in every relationship. These subtle energies often create patterns, where possible outcomes can be frequent arguments, critical thoughts, repeated complaints, a feeling of walking on egg-shells around each other, and in romantic relationships, lack of physical attraction towards each other, not having sex, or simply a numb feeling of wanting more from your relationship. Since these subtle energies are the source of what is going on, we focus attention on this root cause. These subtle energies are also a magical doorway into the field of amazing possibilities of what relationship can be – this is Third Consciousness. 

Our coaching and teaching are informed by diverse and cutting edge consciousness practices, relationship paradigms, and energy work, including Breathwork, Non-Violent Communication, Council, Conscious Loving, Ecstatic Movement, Mama Gena, Joe Dispenza, Tantra, HeartMath, Orgasmic Meditation and various types of energy-healing modalities.

Meenal is a contributing author in the books Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women and Empowered Voices: True Stories by Awakened Women. Kris published his first book, Dancing with The Field: Bringing Joy, Passion and Play into Everyday Life in 2018 and it has gotten great reviews. They just co-authored the book,  Relating Revolution: All It Takes is One Person to Change and use this as the basis for their six-week courses. Here is an interview about the book.