Freedom and Liberty

I learned something this July 4th weekend. When I use the word freedom, often what I really mean is liberty. Liberty is about laws, constitutional and legal rights, and social agreements. It is what is conferred upon me from the outside. For example, right now, I am not at liberty to enter a store in Ventura without a mask. In the US, I am at liberty to protest against injustice (at least for now ?)

From my relationship work, I learned freedom is more of an inside job. It is about what I do with what shows up from the outside. Do I get hooked by the meanings I make up when someone does something unexpected? Or do the stories I create about why they did it rule me and how I relate to them? Do I allow these thoughts to harden my heart and solidify into beliefs about life? Do I choose freedom or trap myself in suffering?

A reliable path to freedom is through our bodies. We have the privilege of being born into these miraculous creations that allow us to feel an incredible range of sensations. A key to freedom is realizing that we each experience life through sensation and the meanings and stories we create are our minds trying to make sense of them.

This is just a snippet of what Meenal and I teach and help people anchor into in our priceless six-week courses. Come experience the wisdom your body holds and get free! Join us for our next course, Relating Revolution: All It Takes is One Person to Change